Success Stories

Read about what other people are saying about our programs!

Gerry B, Payson, Utah

"When I first enrolled in your program several years ago, I was under almost unbearable financial pressure and my credit was virtually ruined. I was skeptical about signing up with your program and was told by family and friends that enrolling in credit counseling was akin to declaring bankruptcy. Needless to say, no one supported my decision and I was very unsure whether or not I should commit to your program. But now my credit score is over 700 points and I am better off financially than I have ever been in my life. Enrolling in your program was one of the best decisions that I have ever made."

Maureen S, Daytona Beach, Florida

"I just wanted to say to you all what an unexpected pleasure it has been to work with you. Everyone's knowledge and professionalism has made what could have been a very frustrating and trying experience a pleasurable one. I thank you all for helping me go from 'up to my eyeballs' to 'debt free'. Wow! What a feeling!"

Kathy P, La Junta, Colorado

"You may recall I wrote you last fall asking permission to use DOLLARS AND SENSE in the classroom where I taught Life Skills to high school students. You graciously granted me permission, and I was able to help my class create a budget, open mock checking and savings accounts, and practice making some life decisions especially concerning their 'money.' The activities proved worthy and the students came away with a new appreciation for their money and how it should be handled. Thank you for the great work you are doing to help our families become educated and self-reliant and especially debt-free."

Maria S, Longhorn, Texas

"I am very surprised on how fast I am getting out of debt. I am very happy with the program. If it weren't for you guys, I would never be out of debt. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to all my friends."

Julio E, Whittier, California

"Believe me, I feel very happy and satisfied with the services obtained from FFEF. Never have I experienced immediate and polite attention like what I have received from your organization. Thanks again for understanding and responding in a way that made me feel my case was handled in a professional yet personal way."

Chris B, Gillette, Wyoming

"Thank you for all of your help and understanding. When facing bankruptcy, you entered our lives and were a godsend. You were always very encouraging, even when we felt we were at the end of the rope. You showed us we could make it and we have completed the program. We owe that to all of you!"

Richard T, Grace, Idaho

"Carol and I are very grateful for all the help you have given us. I cannot express the burden that was lifted when we started the program. Every staff member we have dealt with has been wonderful. Thank you all so much."

Norma L, Glenview, Illinois

"Thank you very much for all your work in this situation. You have really helped us to clear up our credit history."

Lee H, Waterford, Connecticut

"I recently contacted your organization with the goal of assisting a family member who is in need of credit counseling. He will soon be under the guidance of FFEF and will benefit from your service. The process of enrolling in a credit management program is full of anxieties considering the conditions under which a person seeks your help. I would like to thank your employees for their concern and assistance. They have been very supportive and patient through the initial process and provided me with all of the information necessary to help our son with his credit problems. Your friendly attitude has helped to make this a positive experience."