Debt Management

FFEF's trained counselors are experts on how to help you manage your financial life. We understand that things happen and are happy to work with you and your creditors as an impartial third party to find a resolution for your debt issues.

Our main goal is to help you find a money management program that will allow you to regain your footing and find financial peace for your family and less stress in your life. Call us with your problem for a free consultation and suggestions on how we can help.

Bill-Pay Services

Simplify your life with one easy monthly payment. FFEF counselors can set you up with a single monthly payment that will cover all of your bills and make sure your payments go out on time. Stop worrying about missing a bill, or the last minute stress of running checks to the post office so they'll arrive on time. FFEF will make sure that all of your outstanding bills are paid on-time and in full. Work with a counselor to set up your plan today.

Accelerated Debt Pay Off

What is Rollup?

It's important that you become familiar with the process called "rollup." This is the process that will help you realize a debt-free life. Briefly, here's how the rollup process works:

Once we have worked out a plan with your creditors, FFEF sends your agreed-upon payment to them for you every month. Your bills are paid regularly and on time to avoid additional late fees, and multiple creditors are taken care of with only a single payment from you.

Once the lowest creditor balance is paid off, the money that was going to that account is added to (or rolled up) to the payment of the creditor with the next lowest balance. This process is simple, but it is one of the greatest advantages of our program and an incredibly effective tool in lowering your total interest costs.

Rollup accelerates your payments, shortens the time you are in debt, and significantly decreases the amount of money you will pay before you are debt free.

Wealth-builder Program

What is interest doing for you? If you have debt then you know how important interest rates are to your accounts. Interest compounded over time can eat away at your future wealth. Through FFEF's rollup payment plans you can not only be debt free in less than half the time you would be under a standard pay-off plan, you can start putting interest to work for you.

If you take the same amount of money that you would have been paying toward your debts for the remainder of the time that the FFEF payment plan saves you, you can exponentially increase your wealth. Call us to find out just how easy it is to not only get out of debt, but save for the future!

Resolving Disputes

If you are having problems working with your creditors and don't feel like you are getting anywhere, call us. We have decades of experience working as an impartial third party with your creditors to create a resolution for you. Call us for a free consultation about your issue.