Step #1: Is debt management right for you?

It is true that a debt management program is not the right answer for everyone. However if you qualify for the program, it is a much better option than bankruptcy, and much less stressful than a legal settlement.

YES! I'm ready - Go to step #2

NO - I need more information:

The following criteria can be used to determine if you are a good candidate for a debt management program:

  • You can no longer afford to make the minimum payments to your creditors, but you can afford to make a payment.
  • You are 30 to 90 days late in making payments or on the verge of being late.
  • Your income has been reduced significantly making it impossible to stay current with payments in the future.
  • Your credit report reflects multiple late payments.
  • Upon reviewing your budget, it is determined that you cannot make full payments.
  • You have a source of steady income.
  • You have high interest rates on your credit cards.
  • You have not opened any lines of credit recently.

It can be easy to suppose that any debt management or credit counseling agency out there will provide the same level of service, yet time and time again, the news tells a different story. Not all debt management companies are designed the same, and many only have their own interests in mind. How can you decide which program is going to be the best for you and your family?

Read through the FAQ's section of this site to learn more about debt management agencies, what to look for in a good company, and what you need to know prior to enrolling in a debt management program.

Do you still have more questions? Feel free to call us for more information!

Step #2: Gather Information

Once you decide that debt management may be right for you, you will need to gather the following information for a free financial analysis:

  • Current billing statements from all of your creditors along with a list of account numbers and total amounts due.

  • A basic monthly budget list of additional bills that you pay every month (car, utilities, memberships, gas, food).

  • Forms are available or can be obtained by calling and speaking with a counselor.

Step #3: Call one of our certified counselors for a FREE financial analysis

During your analysis with a Certified Credit Counselor, you will find out if a Debt Management Program is right for you and the benefits of enrolling in a Debt Management Program such as:

  • How much your interest rates will be reduced
  • How much lower your monthly payment will be
  • Your total interest savings
  • Your debt free date
  • The advantage of making only one monthly payment
  • The power of Rollup in accelerating the pay-off of your debt
  • Ongoing education and support

When a Debt Management Program is not the best solution for you, alternative options will be discussed so that you are well informed as to services and programs available to you and the pros and cons of each.

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